eLicense provides a digital "eLicensed" services or a Digital "eLicensed" self-help tool to build-in DRM intelligence and e-commerce automation into a product. The DRM intelligence utilizes advanced encryption techniques to provide a secure "digital skin" that helps content owners copy-protect their digital content. Our goal is to help protect your digital content in an easy and efficient way. This product use validation is done silently and transparently with each access to the "eLicensed" product.

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eLicense also provides digital marketing tools for electronic discount coupon generation, management and processing. We also provide built-in electronic credit card processing that can privately process orders from the users desktop or from a customized store or from a pphone.

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Our eLicense System is a robust full ecommerce solutions that is easy to use and manage. We are convienced that you will never want to use another DRM company!

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